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    Declan, you are right of course, it actually takes a lot more work to make a digital piece look hand drawn. There’s the whole effort over pricticalaty thing. I tend to draw bits, scan them and layer them in as it’s much quicker. Also works with scanned material textures too. I’ll put the recent stuff up on me blog once I’ve completed a few for the filum.

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    Her creativity is fabulous! I loved to make my own toys as a kid b/c my family was always on a tight budget and I had a knack for arts and craftsy things. There’s a 10 year old boy who blogs about food I heard about a few months ago called Adventures of a Koodie so there’s proof kids can be great bloggers too!

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    Yours is writing that I’ve never read. You boiled everything to it essence and it’s very refreshing to hear everything first hand and not via CNN or the other news channels where they only talk about how many israeli’s were killed etc. I wish you everything of the best, and In sha Allah, Palestine will be FREE.. MaAsalamah

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    Pero bueno, la campeona eres tú porque mira que te curras lo de los regalos!! Me encantan, son chulísimos, pero más me gusta el chute de "buenrollismo" que me acabas de contagiar con esta entrada.Un besazo!! Y gracias a ti por tener este rincón tan majo!!

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    The scene in the bar had me thinking about how quick the heavier set guy was to reach behind him for his gun when it seemed to get a bit tense. To me these guys were just waiting for the right time to get information of the farm’s location and then take it over. Rick had to make a quick decision. Welcome back badass! Just for record, Rick has two little girl zombie kills. Where you at Daryl and Shane?

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    Consider these decisions made recently by the same British (left-wing run) local authority:1. Rotherham Social Services Department ignored evidence of the abuse of vulnerable children in its care by Muslim paedophile rape gangs.2. Rotherham Social Services Department removed children from the care of foster parents because it disagreed with their membership of UKIP, a perfectly legal and above board political party but whose stance on multiculturalism the Department opposes.And these people have the gall to talk about 'promoting equality' and the 'strength of diversity'.

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    I feel as though I’ve made so many new friends this year in the ‘sphere – friends that aren’t about work or family. In that respect ’05 has been a great year for “hellos” – and thanks to Os for the forum to meet so many new faces. I’m glad to get to know you Michelle – hello! 🙂

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    ♥it! i Totally Miss This Show i Wish They Would Re-nogotiate Their Contract So The Show Can Come Back on!! I love Toni Because She is My FAV! i love Mya B/cuz She Keeps it Real & i love Joan Because Shes The Serious Corny Good Friend And i love Lynn Because Shes Dwn Too Earth, promiscuous, And Funny i Love William 2 i♥ The Whole CAST Lol

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    I think you’ve hit the nail on the head with the choices angle. Give consumers many choices, but don’t market some of those color choices as exclusively for girls or women.It would be so awesome if Sony could have marketed the Lilac PSP in a gender neutral or universal way… Shown both girls and boys enjoying it, and bundled it with a game that is not marketed just to girls, like Little Big Planet.

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    Без обид, если мы не описали пляжи Пхукета, то это моя задумка, как автора, а описания, что Пхукет — это рай на земле, мнение очень субъективное, и я подозреваю рассчитано на неопытных туристов пакетников, которым мы помогаем узнать правду, а не читать слащавые нереальные отзывы турфирм.

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    I’m just so glad to find out that there are so many people to have taken to complaining about the ABC leaning to the far right bias. I don’t quite know just how it can be stopped except for all of those people out there think the same to put a voice to their concerns. If the government were to complain about the bias it would appear to be weak and ineffectual, but the voice of the people should count for something surely.

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    Precisely. It’s not the trading post that is lacking it’s the player x player trade that’s lacking. I want to trade with a friend directly, I can’t I have to put it on the trading Post and hope he can get it before anyone else, that’s the annoying feature Joe mention in the review. Hope they fix it in a sooner patch.

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    Debt [99, yesterday];Where is the integrity in an attorney that will charge a broke debtor to avoid a foreclosure, when a good RE agent can do it for free? (emphasis added)I inexcusably missed this yesterday, but worth pointing out today that you’re still perpetuating the myth, and to me of all people, that used house sales flacks “work for free”. Paragon of truth to the last.

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    South: so is there still something of ‘weight’ expected from Oct. 5th? I understand that your focus is on the whole ‘corporation’ thing…which trumps everything else…makes ALL the lawsuits and court procedures ‘moot’, until that other stuff (The Plan) is resolved…right?

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    Julie, this is a deeply moving message. I expected you to write about balance between work and home, so you took me by surprise. For those of us who are 70-plus, your message especially touches the heart, reminding us to take full advantage of whatever daily beautiful possibilities, large or small, come our way…and there are many. Thank you.

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    Whoa!! this ought to be fun. Considering that England is soooo “multicultural” that they now have sharia enclaves in England. So the school uses a gesture that is the mid-east equivalent of “flipping the bird” as a means to get the teacher’s attention. ;-P He who laughs last…thinks slowest.

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    "With your attitude, the US would never have been on the Moon. There would just have been a ton of talk of how our people are "faulty", instead of addressing such faults with employment."And if the US had never gone to the moon, we would have spent tens of billions of dollars on something besides Tang.

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    , whacking a child because they won’t stop saying mom I need to go to the bathroom, mom I’m hungry, mom can you please get off your cell phone long enough to help with…is plain wrong. You’re right, in most cases moms and dads do the best they know how. Sometimes the best we can do is to make it up as we go. I can’t choose for someone else. I’m certainly not the perfect mom and really wasn’t any better prepared for parenthood than my parents were. I knew for sure what I did not want to do and I guess that’s something.

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    Jeg er helt enig med Erling. Skal man jukse, gjør man det så bra at man ikke ser at det er juks.Håper vi får se det ferdige resultatet. Nydelige "heklesnøfnugg" i innlegget under. Jeg har noen røde sånne, som min mor har heklet. Jeg kan prøve å huske på å spørre om hun har oppskrift til de.

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