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    What bothers me more than anything is when some gun company poses a model with a gun and her finger is on the trigger.Drives me nuts.Violating the four rules is not going to sell me your product. I cease caring about how attractive the model may or may not be when they are posed in an unsafe manner.It goes DOUBLE when they do a video of some scantily clad vixen actually firing a weapon withouta) ear protection;b) eye protection; and/orc) proper attire.Call me the safety Nazi if you must, but there’s just nothing sexy about a potential ND…{/curmudgeon}

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    Most Visa credit cards can be used wodrwdile, so I believe you can get cash advance at any place where Visa is accepted. Mind it that for this type of transaction a fee is charged plus there is a fee for foreign exchange. these are general rules working for Visa cards. To be absolutely sure of what you will have to pay for it and where you can get your money, you’d better ask the bank that issued the card.

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    I stomped Jan’s toe. Not once but multiple times. And I didn’t just step on it, I leaped high into the air and landed on the same spot each time. (Buddy did it first, but he weighs less.) I didn’t mean to. I’m just a large woofie with lots of energy. But Jan’s toe bled and got infected. That was in January and her toe is still healing. So I guess laming my human is the worst thing I’ve ever done. Sam, the sorry woofie

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    I have to agree with Fústar. Being televisually advantaged I find myself watching current affairs far to much. The missus prefers her soap operas. There are times I get confused about which are well scripted and stage managed works of fiction and which are hard hitting exposes on the events of the day.And i’m looking forward to the release of the footage Brian Dobsons’ best work, IMHO.

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    I do not understand how people can be calling the bottom when the banking meltdown has just begun. Do these fools not realize that overly easy access to cheap money is what drove this whole thing?No easy access to cheap money = no more buyers = no more appreciation.This thing will be “bottomed” until the banks start to turn around.

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    Jistě že vojenská technika nedokáže ochránit všechny lidské životy. Pokud by naši spojenci neinvestovali do vojenské techniky (což jako vedlejší efekt přirozeně znamená zisky pro zbrojovky), byly by naše vlastní ztráty řádově větší.Ano, vojenská zařízení slouží k vytváření zisku vojensko-průmyslového komplexu. Pokud bychom ale do nich neinvestovali my, udělali by to ostatní my bychom dlouho nepřežili.

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    Someone help me please! I have free Time Warner Cable & I own a hacked modem but it doesn’t work when I tried doing this? My question is do I need to open up my modem? Do I need to buy that ribon wire like in the video? Do I also need a USBjtag & if so what for? And how do I change mac address if I need to? BTW my SB5101 is Pre-Modified meaning it already has chip& firmware installed! What am I missing? I’m WhatEverHD aka MaskzNoEvil & it’s been over a month w/ no internet : (

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    TamDespite the quibbles you and Chris has with the ending, I like the idea of the Egyptian mythology so I think this one might work for me. I’ve been kind of in the mood for a police mystery, even with a paranormal twist. Mind you, this vacation I have read … next to nothing. Ugh. I’m out of practice. 3 more days. *sob*

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    I wouldn’t rejoice over a one-year statistical blip. A better question is whether issues of morality should be judged by which position is more popular. People who believe that abortion is wrong did not waver in their belief when they were in the minority; we should not expect those who believe abortion should be legal will be dissuaded because their view has become a minority.

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    sd: there is a Happy Gobbles Day?*surprised*lg: i get what you mean. i was piffed tt they insisted but your ROI comment made sense bc it was dinner time (eightish) and the restaurant was empty but i suppose they were expecting the crowd since the place was also on rick's list. we could've just ordered a main but there were lots of other places where they literally grab the customers as they walk by, esp those near the piazza. osteria n this other place are off the beaten path, tucked at the fringe of trastevere.

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    It was a sarcastic remark and I’m happy that you responded. It’s the black swan study where industry funded science can’t find one so there must be none. It’s like a study finding that there is a problem with a certain brand of car. The problem is that the wheels fall off at high speeds and we should take great caution to warn anyone. Maybe this makes sense to you?……I am witnessing massive health recovery from people becoming aware and limiting their exposure to wireless radiation.

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    Yes Tina as much as men and women are the same at heart, we are most definitely different in how we manifest our energy. Our genitals are a perfect analogy. Men are out there, thrusting forward if you will, strong and present. Women are internal, receiving, soft.That’s not to say men are not soft. They are with us, their woman. And it’s not to say women are not strong. We are, very powerful and strong, but we are not forceful. We melt int face of our man’s presence, his masculine strength which is deliciously sweet as well.xxoo

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    je reconnais que les viennoiseries, pâtisseries, etc sont excellentes et l’accueil très conviviale.Vous trouverez aussi dans la boutique des échanges de livres,l’adhésion à l’association du quartier et tout ceci autour d’un café ou thé que vous pouvez déguster soit après un bon sandwich maison ou l’après midi avec votre gâteau.C’est bien agréable d’avoir un commerce ou l’on se sent bien, merci.

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    1cchola marylu necesito que me ayudes yo tenia una relacion de 5 años ya conmi e pareja viviamos en union libre pero hace unos meses el empeso a portarce raro y despues me dijo que ya no sabia si me amaba pero quesi me queria muchisimo y hace una semana el medijo que ya no queria vivir conmigo y como va empezar a trabajar el ya tiene otros planes yo quiero que regrese conmigo lo amo mucho y el niño lo estraña mucho ayudame porfavor gracias saludos24

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    I hadn't thought much about using our wireless devices to keep the kids safe, but now that I know about FamilyWhere and the nifty trick for limiting the use of your children's cell phones, I'm all over that!We do keep our kids away from any sort of data plan that would allow for anything other than calling and texting. That seems to help!

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    Jackson 16/05/2008 ResponderEssa é ótima! Esses lixos de infocomerciais estão acabando com muitas marcas. Na ânsia de estarem presentes na mídia, muitos empresários escolhem o caminho mais fácil, mas esquecem que a criatividade e a adequação podem fazer uma enorme diferença.

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    philosophes païens ressucités, énergies parcellaires éclatées, clinamen, faites qu’un atome délicat, lisse comme une DS ovoïde, barbu comme un abbé Pierre, détersif comme un grain de poudre en boîte de carton, vienne percuter, trouer ce monde foisonnant de commentaires, et lui rappeler l’impact clair d’une voix chantant les mythologies, prière matérielle de david d. duquerroigt

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    14316Sepcd28diane 576Thank you so very much for your honesty and your humility. Your testimony is going to help SO many young men and women who feel guilty because of their temptations. Because of your honesty I do believe that MANY will have hope in Jesus in their struggle against same sex attraction. I don’t know you and may never meet you this side of heaven but I am so grateful for your candid post. May God bless you and may you always hope in Jesus!VA:F [1.9.20_1166](from 9 votes) 162

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    Salut FF Terrible,Je t’ai connu de meilleure humeur. C’est dommage. Certes Joaben est partisan d’une vision de ce que peut être la GLNF mais il me semble que toi aussi, non? Restons tout de même fraternel. C’est tout ce qui nous reste en ce moment… De toute façon, samedi, tous nous diront: « Alea jacta est ».BF

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    Ist irgendwie ja schon geil. Nachdem der große Hype um Wolfram Alpha inzwischen vorbei ist, versucht man krampfhaft Anwendungsfälle zu finden, die eine größere Nutzung erschließen würden. Bin ja mal gespannt, wie lange es noch dauert, bis der Laden von einer größeren Firma aufgekauft und in deren Standard-Suchtechnologie integriert wird (so als kleiner netter Unterpunkt).

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    I don't know where to start..What a marvellous bundle of surprises you've been given! I am especially jealous of the flapper photo/postcard and also that GORGEOUS framed advert from Kitty! You are such a lucky lucky lady!You look very sexy and sassy in that jumpsuit!I love the turban and beaded top pictures! Super amazingly splendid! xxxx

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    imho,I’ll look for your questions that I did not answer.Very stimply stated, I think Iran needs a deal with P5+1 and such a deal could include acceptance of 5 U but there is no chance 20 would be accepted (by P5+1). And of course any deal would be after the November elections. And Obama would need to win, given the avowed idiocy already announced by Mitt Romney.

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    Thanks Graham. Absolutely correct. The principal question I was addressing was whether it is better to give the authority to make the order to the SRB or the new regulator? What do you think? I think that you’re suggesting that the authority should be given to the new Regulator because then the non-compliance can be tied to the [well] licence and perhaps further tied in to the the Regulator’s overall ladder of non-compliance. An interesting point – it certainly raises the stakes for the operator – which from the landowner’s perspective can only be a good thing. nigel

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    As alums of Antioch College (Yellow Springs, Ohio) in the ’70s, which had a work/study program that sent us around the country every three or six months to take a job, we often took advantage of rooming houses and shared living arrangements. They were cheap, easy to rent for short periods of time, and perfectly adequate for our needs. They would be a very useful tool in the fight to end homelessness. Thanks for the article!

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    Is the cut still painful? It is no matter whether you get there early or late.I have no choice.One third of this area is covered with forest.I’m your lucky fellow then.It is tomorrow that they will have a meeting.Wake me up at five thirty.He is used to eating out all the timeThanks for your flattering me.I assure you that you will feel no pain at all.

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    Décidément,je vais finir par renoncer à aller voir "A dangerous method" à force d'en lire des critiques assassines! Pourtant Viggo (…mmmhhh….mmmhhh…ahem pardon)+ ce génie de Cronenberg = plaisir de cinoche,en général…it's a pity (c'est comme ça qu'on dit en VO?).Sinon je me taperais bien un petit boeuf bourguignon et une tarte Tatin à c'te heure…ANNESO

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    lo se porque yo mismo mejore mi ingles, viendo peliculas de terror jejejejejejee, bueno de varios tipos pero mas de horror, y francamente no me parecio tan exagerada la situacion, ni que lo tuvieras encerrado en la casa, sin nada de programacion, ni amigos y sin ir a la escuela, como lo hacen ciertos grupos1ff9

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    , “This is the only time in your life when the world comes close to stopping.” The more I thought about it, the more I realized she was right. I lost track of most current events, work, friends, etc. but it was okay. I am actually really looking forward to that part of having our second baby in a few short weeks.

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    Estoy de acuerdo con este texto, aunque es cierto que lo podría firmar un cura medianamente inteligente. En lo que discrepo es en lo de los estadios de fútbol. No veo diferencia entre el sentimiento por unos colores, por un equipo, y el sentimiento religioso. Y por cierto, el presupuesto de la Iglesia es bastante mayor que el del Real Madrid.

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    By :I wouldn’t worry about any debt- the 30 year is under 5% and has even been falling. Spain’s coming default is getting the attention, taking the pressure off. It’s a good thing. Smoke a little weed, take a little hike, visit the ladies. Ummmm Hmmm.spain is not going to default. you’re wishing as opposed to some well-thought idea. – Rate this comment: 0  0

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    Hervé a écrit:Le chef parle et tous les hiérarques soutiennent son point de vue par principe.Voir par exemple les évêques français quand Benoît XVI a libéralisé l’usage de la messe de Pie V !Hervé a écrit:Ce mode de fonctionnement a même été institué avec la fameuse infaillibilité.Mise en oeuvre UNE seule fois depuis qu’elle a été instituée en 1870, pour définir un dogme marial !1f40Hervé, en toute amitié, vos pétards sont un peu mouillés…

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    Wonderful items from you, man. I have bear in mind your stuff prior to and you’re just extremely great. I really like what you’ve received right here, really like what you are stating and the way wherein you assert it. You make it entertaining and you still take care of to keep it sensible. I can’t wait to learn much more from you. This is actually a tremendous web site.

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    What is consuming the wealth of our nation and destroying jobs is big government, now consuming 61% of GDP. The solution must include cutting spending, taxes, borrowing, and regulations. We have at least twice as much government as we need.

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    Hello there, I do think your website could be having internet browser compatibilityissues. Whenever I look at your site in Safari, it looks fine however when openingin I.E., it’s got some overlapping issues. I merely wanted to provide you with a quick heads up! Aside from that, fantastic blog!

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    Oistros, The site of Irmin Vinson is not the kiss of death to any pro-white argument, as you say. Quite the contrary. First, Vinson is not a “denier” in the sense that you use the word “holocaust” (which, if used in the sense of “The Holocaust”, it’s a Newspeaking term). Second, it’s the masses of peoples who are sleeping in the matrix of the post WW2 narrative, not us.I would recommend you to educate yourself by reading , , and .These articles and links within them could serve as a redpill for the honest seeker who really wants to be unplugged from the matrix of political correctness.

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    I don't usually write to music, but sometimes I do. Oddly, it can help to settle me if i'm finding it hard to get going. The music I come back to time and again when I need this sort of encouragement is Bach's solo cello music. I have the wonderful Yo Yo Ma playing, and listen on headphones with the sound low. I can't cope with singing, however much I love it. Even sung in Latin or German I find the words too distracting.

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    Não, anónimo, não faço perninhas…quando faço, faço filhos e filhas por inteiro .NunoP.S- Gostas de ser anónimo? ..ou não tens confiança em ti…sabias que já descobriram o nome essa patologia?Hoje em dia há medicação para quase tudo…menos para a ???

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    Posted on December 11, 2012 at 10:19 amI just like the worthwhile data you offer in your content articles.I’ll bookmark your web log and check all over again below repeatedly.I’m extremely definitely sure I’ll discover quite a bit of new stuff most suitable here! Decent luck for that following!

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    MLCitando a lucero: “ya ps pongan imagenes para ver jeje y se vea interesante y no sea aburrido ,…………… puras letras aburre”????Con las letras te comunicas… Ese comentario sonó a… (lo dejo a su imaginación)Interesante. Agradecería si puediesen enlazar esas épocas más con el contexto; es decir, inscribir a la pintura, la fotografía y ver la relación que tienen. Puesto que el compartir un momento en la historia los lleva a tener mucho en común

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    I always get mad at the way people perceive Batman. The original Batman comics are ridiculous! Batman and Robin slept together and fought clowns with an endless arsenal of gadgets that all had the word “bat” in front of them. Nowadays people act like Batman was always an angst-filled anti-hero with a disturbing film-noir inspired past. Come on.Superheroes should never be taken seriously.

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    “5. (…) Was fehlt ihm?”Also, dass jemand irgendetwas von diesem Zeugs wirklich vermisst, oder dass das etwaige Behandlungsvorschläge sein sollen, kann ich mir nicht wirklich vorstellen “Der hat schon den ganzen Tag Durchfall – geben wir ihm Noro-Viren, damit es aufhört…”

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    Darius, thanks for enforcing your rules. I know is not easy or always popular. But I am new here and am a refugee from other sites where fake trades make summer unbearable. Vehement arguments arise over deals that in all likelihood could never be consummated. Posters fail to understand the difficulty of making deals in real life.Love your posts. Impressed by the community. Thanks.

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    Great post! This was ME at my son’s rugby game. I had no idea what was going on and I didn’t understand any of the language. But at least we had bleachers. I’m a hockey/soccer/dance/swimming/baseball Mom and I think my youngest is going to have to stick to one of these sports that I’ve already learned. Or at least that’s what I’m going to try to convince her of.

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    Those are all great, but you just can’t beat Charm City. So, I wonder: Did you rush to a pad and paper upon overhearing the mother’s makeup story? Or is your recall just that good? (I remember you telling me about that one before. A classic.) It DID take me a moment to realize who Dr. G was. For shame, kate!

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    and brava to you. This attitude annoys me to no end, and I'm glad you are getting the message out there. I do want to have kids someday, but I fully support my friends who know they don't want to have children (even one that knew when we met at age 7). I just tell them they can play with my kids if they want. Oh, and I think more mothers should treat themselves to dinners and pedicures and shoes. They're good for the soul. 🙂

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    Today I tried my sample pack of Kaeng Rang (mango peach pineapple) and I found it to taste inedible. : ( Soooo glad I bought a sample before investing in the whole shebang. Seriously, though, I had to dump it down the sink…. I’m sure it’d taste better with added fresh fruit but I didn’t feel inclined to doctor it up. I am new to cleansing, though, just so you know…

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    Hi Christa thank you for using your gift of singing/songwriting to bring glory to God & great joy & peace to many people. Your songs have really encouraged me. Just wondering though where i can buy copies of your CDs (i’m english and can only find american sellers online!) would love to actually own the cds instead of always having to listen online. I would like to play the songs to my family and in the car ect ect…. anyway thanks again God bless u & your ministry. Jude xxxx

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    If you hit 405 clean and clear tomorrow as expected, in a week, considering your current progress rate, maybe 415-425. But we have to keep in mind that breaking 405 naturally is firstly, mental, and secondly, it takes time and dedication for the workout regimen it involves. Kevin, you *will* break 405+ but no need to push the envelop too much to prove the point… stay healthy and injury free!

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    WOW again! Just when you think the photos cannot get any better, along comes some more really great shots.The main pic from Iona 2 is a beauty, however I really love the shot of Dingo wiring the marlin with the whole fish featured just under the water – beautiful.Well done and keep them coming. Almost as good as being there…..

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    krix: épp Te írtad hogy saját magad asszociáltál a forrásod által megadott intervallumból (étvége) a péntekre, így az nem az Ő hibája ha nem szó szerint valósul meg. Erre most (már elnézést, de) segget csinálsz a szádból hogy mégiscsak Neked volt igazad. Érzed az ellentmondást?

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    Why? Pakistanis dismiss his views quite regularly. His politcal movement isn't that successful.He may very well have some good popints but he also sounds like one of these left wing people that blame many of the problems of his country on imperialism.Given much of India was already under control of a semi-foreign imperial authority when the British started taking over this analysis is rubbish.

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    From Worj:” but the biggest issue for D’Antoni’s defense has never been where it was ranked in the league, but how the Suns players – including Steve Nash – never believed they were prepared for the big possessions, the big moments, in series with San Antonio. There was a discipline missing, a mindset, an understanding, in those moments of truths.”

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    Obtaining a is repaid and this type of transaction, it totals between 400 – 800. Banks can charge less, but most banks quote the highest allowable rate. Do not confuse a “guarantor” with a multitude of modification requests and the guarantor is able to pay back with your lender with a guarantor makes qualifying easier. In order for the services, the company stands to lose money if several of the mortgage themselves, and selling the house for the first meeting.

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    I remember layaway and remote-less TV’s! Do you remember the Coca-Cola shirts back in the 80’s? I think they were around $40 back then. I remember putting a Coke shirt on layaway for a couple of week. I STILL have the shirt in my closet to remember where I came from (and it means more to me because I worked hard for it).I am patient in some areas, and not so patient in others. I’d have to write a book to explain situations where I’ve been patient. :o) Loved the post.Be blessed!Beth

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    Куплю очередь на БЕЛЫЙ WV тредлайн (до 470 тыс рублей) в Ульяновске, Самаре или Тольятти. Конец апреля-май-июнь!!!!

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    “As for the ignore button…funny story about that. I’ve been suggesting one for a year. Those suggesting it now were the ones who hated the suggestion from me. Interesting.”Love the revisionist history.First off – there were plenty of other comments to ignore before you came around – you were not the first to suggest it.Second – people were so against the ignore feature that some went as far as researching how to implement it using WordPress and sent it to Grant (Adam, was that you?). The rest of us begged PD to activate it. Third – you do realize that if an ignore feature is implemented that you’ll be left talking to yourself, right?

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    Indulging hateful bastards on Twitter for bashing at the Saudi women participating in the olympics by creating a anti-prostitute hashtag will do nothing but start a never ending argument that will ultimately lead nowhere. We shouldn’t start campaigns to negate what belligerent idiots attempt to do to put people down. When we had amazing women and men at the olympics, we should have just started a website/page where we followed up on them, their participations and their medals. Let’s not just act as a backfire to hate crimes.

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